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Buying a laptop should be easy, and it should also be affordable. Choosing a Certified laptop is an excellent way to get the devices you need for the price you want. The Mac Space has plenty of options to choose from if you need a computer for work, school or home use. Veteran owned and operated.

Why Choose a MacBook?

College kids, creatives, and working professionals alike consider the MacBook a reliable powerhouse in the world of portable computers. MacBooks have a slim design that can handle anything you need them to. They operate on the iOS system, which syncs with other Apple devices.
MacBooks come in two models:

        • MacBook Air: The MacBook Air is the lighter of the two models. It might not get as much fanfare as the MacBook Pro, but if you would like to part ways with your sleek and ultraportable MacBook Air, we are more than happy to buy it from you.


      • MacBook Pro – MacBook Pros are slightly larger and more powerful than the already impressive MacBook Air. The MacBook Pro is the highest-end model of the MacBook family, and there’s still tremendous demand out there for this beautiful piece of electronics. Apple has recently unveiled a new version of the MacBook Pro. They come in a 16-inch screen sizes as well as the 13.3-inch model, 14 inch, and 15 inch models. Whenever Apple introduces new products into the market, it causes older versions to depreciate in value, and fast. So if you’re thinking about selling your MacBook Pro, there’s never been a better time than right now.

Both styles of MacBooks have impressive battery life to last you for hours. Depending on the year and model, you can either get an Intel Core Processor or Apple’s new M1 chip. Both series are capable of editing videos, writing up documents and storing your data safely.

The Perks of Certified Devices

Certified devices offer many perks. Though many people think new is always better, you can get many benefits from a Certified laptop — some of which new devices lack.

When you purchase a Certified laptop, you get:


      • Tested devices: Certified devices are thoroughly inspected before they are sold, which is not always the case with new computers.
      • Better prices: You can get a name-brand laptop for a fraction of the current factory price. Warranties are usually less expensive, too.
      • Improved specs: When shopping for a new computer, better features might be out of your price range. Certified devices let you spring for better specifications.

When you choose a Certified laptop, you give it a second life and prevent it from going to a landfill. Order your MacBook online from The Mac Space and experience these benefits first hand.

Buy a Certified MacBook from The Mac Space

The Mac Space has bought and sold thousands of devices. We thoroughly look over each device with a 30-point inspection before we post it online. Our website is secure, so you can feel confident in every purchase.



We make it easy to buy Certified MacBooks and other Certified Apple electronics online. You can order through our secure website and get a quality used MacBook shipped straight to your door. 


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We are a full service logic board repair shop. Bring your computer to The Mac Space and get it fixed right the first time. Leave it up to the pro’s to fix your Mac the right way.


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We fix it right the first time with no hidden fee’s or upcharges. No cutting corners or using after-market parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mac Space goes off of market value and promises to always base our trade in value towards a purchase based on the condition and functionality of your old device.  This ranges from battery life, screen condition, etc.

We promise to always serve you at the highest amount of customer service. It is our pleasure to serve and keep this as our number 1 focus.

All you have to do is Register <— here

Simple answer. NO.  We do not take any trade in devices deemed lost or stolen.  If you send a device in for trade in and it was deemed lost or stolen it will be not be eligible for any trade in and will be returned immediately at the customers expense that sent it.

Currently we do not sell outside of the USA, however we are working not that.  We do not purchase laptops from customers, we only offer trade in credit towards a purchase.

Why should you choose us? Because The Mac Space offers 5 star customer service.  We guarantee that you that your needs will be met and we will do our best to always keep that promise. Did we also mention we are Veteran Owned?!

If you believe you spilt water damage, this would be an easy answer, however, most times we do not even know some second hand devices we purchase had prior water damage.  Best way to know is to inspect the keyboard, smell for any type of liquid smell (IE: Coke, Coffee, etc). If you can tell it smells like liquid, chances are it is liquid damage. Good news is we take water damage devices in for trade in.

Yes, most of our site limits customers to make a limited amount of purchasing of devices to prevent scalping of our devices, however if you are a business reseller and intend to purchase a lot of devices, or a large business that needs bulk amount of devices. Please reach out so a Sales rep can work you an invoice for a bulk order purchase.

We are still working on this program but it is developed, please be patient as we roll it out.  But to answer your question, it basically means you get credit towards a purchase with referring your friends and family! A referral code will be generated and an Affiliate account would be started.  You can track your rewards and who used your code.

We accept water damage laptops and devices.  However, the trade in credit value for such devices will be determined by a Trade in Rep.  Contact us for more information. 

All our laptops are not insured against loss or damage when devices are shipped.  However, if for some reason your laptop is purchased we offer a small addition to shipment protection for your device at checkout.

We accept returns for all our devices for many reasons however, devices must be approved for a return.  Return approval is subject to making sure the device that was shipped gets any locks removed from the new user that purchased from our site.  If you ship a device back and fail to remove any locks the device will not be refunded and there will be a subject fee for return to sender.  If we receive the original device locked, we will kindly reach out and walk you through the lock removal process to ensure a fast and easy way to get refunded for your purchase.

Orders are usually completed same day, (not including holidays).  Our close time for shipments falls after 5 PM EST.  If you purchase a product after 5 PM or on a weekend, the device(s) will be sent the next business working day.

You can finance your purchase with Affirm

For deliveries over $200 dollars or more from our site, will require signature.

Not all our devices are refurbished, some devices will be open box, some new, and some certified.   There is also certified refurbished but the device itself will state this on our site.  Please look for CERTIFIED REFURBISHED in the description of the device you intend to buy.

Once orders are placed, and if you require it to be canceled, please reach out immediately through our customer service line to expedite the cancellation of your order.  If you intend to cancel after the device was shipped, you must return the device back in order to have the order canceled and refunded.  Please allow time for the device to deliver in order to start the return process.

Yes, we charge sales tax. 

This all depends on when the return arrives.  Typically a return can be processed in 2-3 days when we receive the device. Sometimes a refund may take longer.  For example if a customer sent a device they did not purchase or damaged, a refund will be less likely to happen and the customer must return the device in the same condition they purchased it. If the customer sends back the same device they purchased and then it was damaged, refunds are not eligible unless the customer purchased shipment protection, and it was damaged during shipment. 

This doesn’t always happen, however if your order is canceled it would be because the stock was outdated, or the inventory was sold around the same time you purchased it.  Our stock is very limited however, we are a small team and are doing our best to make sure you receive the device you placed! If the order is canceled, a sales rep will reach out to see if you would like a back order (which means you’ll get your device at a later time when more arrive).

Every laptop comes with the charging equipment (IE: Cable and Charger for models that take USB C, or MagSafe Charger for older models) If you purchase any other accessories it would be included in your order

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Finding a place to buy a used MacBook has never been simpler. Shop with The Mac Space for quality used laptops and find the perfect match for your taste and budget. So let’s get started.


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